Slam Cartel

Slam Cartel

Slam Cartel started as an idea in Terence Warville’s mind. On a boat, in the sun, with nothing more than a guitar and a tape recorder the seeds were sown for the thirteen killer tracks on critically acclaimed debut album “Handful of Dreams”.

The songs took shape with the guidance of producer George De Angelis, as the positions were filled by able musicians, including Marc Neudeck on Bass, Tom Hendriksen on Guitar and Steve Campkin on Drums.

As the band stormed stages at the Scala, Sonisphere, Hammerfest and Hard Rock Hell, the singles were snapped up one after another by Planet Rock, TBFM and countless independent radio stations around the world.

2014 saw a line up change, with Gary Moffatt taking over vocal duties and Damo Fawcett filling the Lead Guitar role. With this new, stronger line up the live show reached new heights, and saw the release of the AA side single Vanishing Worlds/Hypnotised.

2015 took Slam Cartel even higher, with their super ballad ‘Storm Seasoned’ release and being played repeatedly on over 200 radio stations Worldwide…

A super ballad ‘Storm Seasoned’ is their latest release, all music is available to purchase from the many digital platforms.

2016 will bring more new songs from Slam Cartel and an anticipated April UK tour.

All songs were produced by George De Angelis at Sonic Zoo Studios.

All songs were mastered by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios.

They got melodies the size of Texas, hooks that could catch a Great White and an album that needs to be played really fucking loud while driving up the coast in a convertible sports car. Slam Cartel will be a force to be reckoned with. (Billy Morrison of Billy Idol, The Cult, Royal Machines, Camp Freddy & Stimulator)

It’s not often that a debut album grabs you by the ears with such determination and conviction. The overall effect is one of immensity – both in sound and potential. Surely the start of an epic career. (Classic Rock Magazine)

Wishing Eye…it’s an ear worm, it gets into your bones. (Nicky Horne of Planet Rock)

Every now and then you get an album that absolutely blows you away – Handful Of Dreams is a killer debut album. (Paul Anthony of Planet rock radio)

I haven’t been to a show like that for a long time! (Roger Taylor of Queen)

Loved it!! (Bill Bailey)

Slam Cartel have produced a debut that does a great job of referencing rock history whilst being progressive at the same time. There should be more than a handful of dreams coming true on the back of this.

Filled with hooks to conquer all radio waves and riffs to convince every rock fan. It’s been said that, “It’s the sort of music you can strip to, They sound like Heaven, They feel like God’s burning a hole into your heart, They play like demons, and They sure smell like Rock ‘n’ Roll….

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